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Our Deer Exclusion FenceDeer Fence


Minimal Impact - this photo was taken just after installationDeer Fence


Blends Away - can you see the fence?Deer Fence


Born out of the need to provide reliable deer control and being disappointed with the unsuccessful products currently on the market, Dan Eldredge Fencing has developed what we believe to be one of the most effective, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing deer exclusion fencing solutions available anywhere.

We have combined the superior, time-honored results of High Tensile woven wire along with the strength of high quality, non-distracting steel posts, and together we have a fence that is making deer run the other way.


Consider the benefits…

Superior strength: Over 170,000 lb tensile strength and 825lb breaking strength, per single strand of wire. This makes an impenetrable barrier for deer.

UV Stable: Contrary to other products on the market, wire is not affected by the sun’s rays.

Rodents can’t chew it! This eliminates many costly repairs common in plastic fencing.

Long, Long, Life Time: With High Tensile’s exceptional coating, it takes an average of 15 – 20 years before even the first sign of rust! Lifetime is well over 30 years.

Minimal Impact: We like to leave your garden and property the way they are. We do not need heavy machinery and a 4’ wide path is more than sufficient for us to install our fence.

Visibility: Less visible than plastic deer fencing? Yes, and to top that off, with its larger openings, leaves and other rubbish are not as apt to build up on the fence.

Affordable: A slightly higher initial cost than standard plastic deer fencing, but after considering the much shorter life time of the plastic (generally 7 – 12 years), the fact that ours is almost maintenance free, and that ours actually works, we think you’ll reach the same conclusion we did. It costs less.

Proven Results: Highways, Game Farms and even Airports have enjoyed the success of High Tensile woven wire fencing for years.

Testimonials: Landscapers and architects alike are recommending this product with excellent results. Consider the testimony of one our recent customers, “After trying various other products, I’ll never use anything else again. My customers and I are thrilled with the results!”

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